diesel particulate filter


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  • High Effect

    High effect, cleaning liquid dissolving the bond of carbon fines.

  • Enviromentally Friendly

    Completely biodegradable, environmentally friendly substance.

  • Ready to Use

    No need to dilute, ready to use.

  • Short Exposure Time

    Short exposure time.

  • Perfect Quality

    Made from perfect quality, German substance, product of high efficiency.


Remove the diesel particulate filter, close outward studs and sampling units (pipes, threads). Place the DPF up with open pipe end into a pot of proper size in case of possible leakage. Fill up the whole barrel with the liquid. Leave the liquid for maximum 2 hours in the barrel. After the end of exposure time, empty the barrel, remove locks, then rinse the inside of the barrel out with a high-pressure washer until the running out water gets completely clean.
The cleaned barrel can be reinstalled without drying.


If the washer head is made from metal, do not touch that to the surface of the catalyser or the diesel particulate filter, because it can be seriously damaged.

The used cleaning liquid is hazardous waste, cannot be reused. The product has an efficiency of 95-99%, after the cleaning, the efficiency of the cleaned unit is close to the resistance of a new diesel particulate filter.

Clear Edition DPF

Diesel Particulate filter
5L package

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Clear Edition DPF

Diesel Particulate filter
10L package

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Clear Edition DPF

Diesel Particulate filter
25L package

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